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Trina Fletcher headshot SUCCEED (2021).jpeg

Trina Fletcher, Ph.D.

As a first-generation college graduate from the rural South, Dr. Fletcher has dedicated her career to researching the intersection of
access, equity, and education.


Kerrie Hooper

Ph.D. Student
Engineering and Computing Education

Sung Eun Park headshot.jpg

Sung Eun Park, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Researcher - SUCCEED

Arianna Cooper Headshot 2.jpg

Arianna Cooper

Ph.D. Student
Engineering and Computing Education

Brittany Boyd, Ph.D.

Morgan State University + American Institute for Research (AIR)

Brittany Boyd.jpeg

Jay Jefferson, Ph.D.

Division of DEI - Data and Research Specialist

Jay Jefferson (2).jpeg

Jade Moten

Graduate Researcher - FIU

Jade Moten.jpeg

Peter Perez

Ph.D. Student
Engineering and Computing Education

Peter Perez .jpeg

Simone Nicholson

Ph.D. Student - STEM Education, Tufts University

Simone Nicholson Headshot.png

Former STEM READi Lab Members

Estefani Arroyo headshot.png

Ronald Quintero

Computer Science

Ashton Stepter headshot.jpg

D'Aundray Adams

Engineering, Tuskegee University
Engineering Management, FIU

Estefani Arroyo

Computer Science
(currently with Microsoft)

Ronald Quintero headshot_edited.jpg

Ashton Stepter

North Carolina A & T University
Computer Science

DAundray Adams.jpeg
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